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By Florent ( weekly - Issue #31: Continuous Delivery for ML, Why is “hers” not recognized as pronoun?, Coding habits for data scientists, Functional programming, and more...



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nibble dispatch

November 14 · Issue #31 · View online

Curated essays about the future of Data Science. Production Data Science and learning resources for continuous learning. Covers Data Science, Data Engineering, MLOps & DataOps. Curated by people at

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Continuous delivery for machine learning
Data Scientists should act more like Product Managers
AI Bias: why is “hers” not recognized as a pronoun?
Coding habits for data scientists
Modern Data Practice and the SQL Tradition
Scikit-Learn’s Defaults are Wrong
Open Sourcing Amundsen: A Data Discovery And Metadata Platform
Deezer releases Spleeter: source separation engine
Learning resources
Things I wish someone had explained about functional programming
Limiting Cardinality With a PySpark Custom Transformer
How to Model Data With Intersectionality
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