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October 17 · Issue #28 · View online

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Hello everyone,
There is a recurring theme in this week’s edition: the limits of deep neural networks. With so much hype around deep learning, it’s good to take a step back and see both their strengths and weaknesses. If that’s something you’re interested in, all these resources are tagged with a ⭐️.
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Why Deep Learning models are so easy to fool (Illustration by Edgar Bąk)
Why Deep Learning models are so easy to fool (Illustration by Edgar Bąk)
⭐️ Why Deep Learning models are so easy to fool
⭐️ Yoshua Bengio says deep learning needs to be fixed
The State of Machine Learning Frameworks in 2019
How to Manage Machine Learning Products
Considerations for producing the best AI and Machine Learning models
Best practices for data modeling
⭐️ Toward a Hybrid of Deep Learning and Symbolic AI
⭐️ What BERT is Not
Facebook Debuts PyTorch 1.3 With PyTorch Mobile, Quantization, TPU Support and More
Cool New Features in Python 3.8
Learning resources
An Introduction to the Bootstrap Method
Data Structures Easy to Advanced Course
Analyzing Your MLflow Data with DataFrames
End notes
Call for speakers in Paris 🇫🇷
We’re looking for speakers for community events in Paris to share good practices about operationalizing data science.
If you’re working on improving the lifecycle of data science project within your organization and want to share your experience, reply to this email so we can set something up.
Have a great week!
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