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October 10 · Issue #27 · View online

Curated essays about the future of Data Science. Production Data Science and learning resources for continuous learning. Covers Data Science, Data Engineering, MLOps & DataOps. Curated by people at

This week’s top pick is The Morning Paper’s 150 successful machine learning models: 6 lessons learned at
The Morning Paper is great! And this post is no exception, it succinctly summarizes the lessons learned integrating around 150 successful customer-facing applications of machine learning at

Which flavor of data professional are you? (See below)
Which flavor of data professional are you? (See below)
Why is building machine learning systems so hard?
The Politics of Images in Machine Learning Training Sets
MLOps Tooling: an overview of some tools
Data science is not a science project
Pixelation to represent endangered species counts
Which flavor of data professional are you?
Release of Streamlit, an app framework to build beautiful ML tools
Hugging Face releases Transformer 2.0 🤗
What’s new in MLflow 1.3?
Learning resources
SQL queries don't start with SELECT
Ensemble Methods for Machine Learning: AdaBoost
Applied Machine Learning - Columbia W4995
End notes
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